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Miscellaneous Replacement Parts


T-handle blind mount

$2.00/ Each

T-handle rubber cover.  Lock sock for “Bauer” brand/style T-Handle.

Part #PSL-100
$7.55/ 1-1/2” x 30’ Roll, Paper Back

Part #PSL-199
$9.44/ 2” x 30’ Roll, Paper Back

Foam cap tape provides an economical seal between cap and truck bed rails.

Part #TL-1
$10.00/ Each

Designed for mounting truck caps with fiberglass or aluminum rails.
Fits many applications.   Made
from high quality aluminum alloy.

$10.00/ Each

12-Volt Interior Light.
5-3/4” Long x 3” Wide

$15.00/ Each

Compact slim line LED interior light.
Surface mount.

$39.00/ Each

Third brake light, 9.75” surface
mount.  Sealed lamp design; dual mounting holes and gasket.

$51.00/ Each

Stainless steel folding T-handle with lock and keys.  Popular lock for utility/contractor caps.

Part #PWP-801TH
$1.50/ Each

Plastic inside handle used on center
T-handle lock.

Part #PWP-GP0924     24 lb.; 14” L
Part #PWP-GP0935     35 lb.; 14” L
Part #PWP-GP1028     28 lb.; 16” L
Part #PWP-GP1038     38 lb.; 16” L
Part #PWP-GP1245     45 lb.; 17” L
Part #PWP-GP1260     60 lb.; 17” L
$20.00/ Each
Gas prop length is from the center of one ball mount location to the other while the prop is fully extended.

Part #PWP-801CW     Center or Left Side
(Clockwise Turn )
Part #PWP-801CWW  Right Side
(Counter Clockwise Turn)
$20.00/ Each

T-handle lock, interior screw mount,
1-3/4” long shank.

Part #PPL-28020
$ .20/ per Foot

Black vinyl insert; 1” wide flexible screw cover for edge molding.

Part #PWP-CAMLH   Inside "I” Latch Straight W/ Screw "left" (PICTURED)
Part #PWP-CAMRH   Inside "I” Latch Straight W/ Screw "right"
$3.00/ Each

Metal inside latch for most left and right rear door T-Handles.

Phone (570) 275-0630 to place an order for parts.